weed laced with vicodin

24. září 2011 v 13:28

From how to grow it, ways to consume it, and weed laced with vicodin places to hide it, to myths debunked, stupid crimes, and pot in pop culture, this smokin
Ok so yesterday I got my wisdom teeth extracted and the doctor gave me 30 pills of 5/500 vicodin, which is more than I really need for the pain. So I
Well for me it wasn't too bad, it was actually worth the surprise. But I have heard some scary stories on this matter so I wanted to hear some of you guys' experience.
I'm having surgery soon and will be put on Oxycodone due to pain and the like. I'll be all bitchy and moany about the pain if I don't take it, and honestly, I hate the .
Dangers of smoking a laced blunt with promethazine with codeine. Promethazine-codeine in the The Grow Room forums or anything just got higher ever blunt. and you can lace .
[Flat] Page 2 [Shmokey]Weed + Vicodin General Discussion . Well, the trick for smoking weed laced with vicodin is to hyperventilate and flood the bloodstream with oxygen .
Will lacing my weed with vicodin get me higher? ChaCha Answer: Some say lacing the pain killers with weed doesn't have an affect othe.
Swim was looking around the forum and couldnt find

weed laced with vicodin

a topic like this. So, just out of curiosity what are all the drugs that weed could possibly be laced with?
Best Answer: not a good idea. will likely induce a headache due to inhaling burned chemicals that were not intended to be burned. just smoke the weed. if you want to .
im juss wondering cuz ive never tried it before. but can u chop up some pain killer pills and throw em on ur weed. like
Author: tramadol equivalent pain does adderall cause eyes to dilate can i take vicodin with my dextroamphetamine

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