snorting tylenol 3 vs snorting hydrocodone

24. září 2011 v 13:45

Hydrocodone snorting we caution you not to place undue reliance upon any such forward looking statements which speak only as the date made. The effects of prolonged use .
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Human Life > Better Living Through Chemistry . Okay so I was wondering if Snorting these 5 mg hydrocodone/325 mg apap would make the . I was gonna explain this .
drugs Question: What Affects Does Snorting A Percocet Have ?. However you can get it just as quick by chewing. Percocet 512; Percocet Overdose; Buy Percocet; Snort .
Hi all: I have been reading the posts on here for a couple of weeks, you are all very informative, I hope someone can help with this question. My daughter is now 23 .
Do not snort Hydrocodone-from what I know most/all hydrocodone pills also contain ap/ap, which is bad for your liver or kidney or something. You can snort other percs .
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Best Answer: I am sorry for your situation. I am a pain management patient so I know a lot about pain medications. The snorting tylenol 3 vs snorting hydrocodone reason she is snorting and injecting the pills .
How much tyleno 3's does it take to overdose. Tylenol snorting tylenol 3 vs snorting hydrocodone liver failure. What
original: percocet advil cold and sinus how to crush beads in 30 mg adderall unprescribed adderall felony

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